Krave Jerky

KRAVE Jerky iscertainly a cut above the typical, gummy, fatty, processed, chemically processed stuff you find in conventional jerky products. KRAVE represents a true renaissance in jerky – offering consumers an all-natural, gourmet snack that is both healthy and flavorful, made using only high-quality ingredients.


With amazingly unique and savory flavours, KRAVE Jerky is moist, wholesome and seriously satisfying…whether you’re navigating the trail, the turnpike or Tuesday afternoon. So give in to the Krave. Because life is meant to be meaty.


Having only 1.5 grams of fat per serving, and over 50% lower sodium and cholesterol than competing brands, KRAVE is an optimal, guilt-free way to feed your need for meat. KRAVE is a perfect choice for healthy snacking on-the-go. All of their jerky products are made with choice, lean cuts of tender knuckle-cut beef, pork tenderloin, and turkey breast, and then are seasoned with 100% all-natural, gourmet ingredients.


Owing to their expert recipes, the meat selection and the company’s proprietary cooking process, KRAVE’s products are substantially lower in sodium (50-70%), cholesterol (50-70%) and calories (15-70%) than any of its competitors and are 97% fat free.


KRAVE Jerky, with its artisanal quality, is free of any nitrates, hormones and artificial flavors. All-natural KRAVE jerky is a perfect choice for the increasingly critical demands of today’s health-conscious, educated consumers who care about what they put into their bodies.


With the meat snacks segment expected to grow at an average of 3-4% per year through 2015, the natural grocery channel is underpenetrated by meat snack products – as many products contain artificial & highly processed ingredients, including nitrates. KRAVE Jerky is not just a better jerky – its a better snack.


Grilled Sweet Teryaki

Go hog wild over tender pork slices soaked in a sweet teriyaki, and premium tamari marinade. The result is moist, flavourful and entirely addictive


Chili Lime

Tease your tastebuds with tender slices of domestic beef teamed with medium-hot chili and zesty lime for a jerky that’s marvelously moist and totally tempting.


Sweet Chipotle

Smoky southwestern-style chipotle lends a moderate heat to moist slices of domestic beef, tamed with a hint of honey for a truly tasty but tender bite.


Basil Citrus

We infuse succulent all-natural turkey with tangy citrus and robust basil, for a jerky that’s soft, subtly seasoned and simply bursting with flavour.


KRAVE is jerky elevated — no longer must consumers settle for tough, chemically-processed products, but instead can turn to a flavourful, artisanal snack hand-crafted using only high-quality ingredients. The meat snack division has long been short on excitement and creativity, crying out for innovation and contemporary alternatives. Enter two passionate men from Sonoma County with culinary, wine and hospitality backgrounds to disrupt a static food category with an elevated product that features all-natural domestic meats, premium flavour profiles and healthier attributes.


  • KRAVE Jerky has an elevated conscious, devoid of any nitrates, hormones and artificial flavours
  • Due to its recipes, meat selection and cooking process, KRAVE’s products are materially lower in salt (50-70%), cholesterol (50-70%) and calories (15-70%) than its major competitors and are 97% fat free
  • To maintain its signature moist, tender and flavourful product, KRAVE utilizes such culinary techniques as double marinating, brining and baking (instead of drying or dehydrating) its meat


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