Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods Crowned Employer of the Year

(Winnipeg, Manitoba – June 6, 2013) – Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods ( was crowned Employer of the Year last night at the annual Manitoba Food Processor (FA) Industry Excellence awards banquet.


The “Employer of the Year” Award judges candidates on their proactive leadership, change management, employee development, and overall workplace culture. “The award is a testament to the efforts we have made to create a company culture that focuses on our most valuable asset – our people,” proudly explained CEO & Co-Founder, Mike Fata. “Our team members are among the best in the industry, and continue to inspire and drive the company.”


Manitoba Harvest Canada


The Employer of the Year award recognizes Manitoban companies who have implemented supportive practices to recruit, retain, and develop employees. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods’ team has grown 55% over the past year, with more new hires planned over the next few months. “Manitoba Harvest is experiencing tremendous growth. Our employee practices and culture has never been more important. This award is a great honour for us,” said Fata.


“Maintaining a focus on recruiting & retaining the best people, and embracing ideas for improvement while also managing unparalleled growth is a truly noteworthy feat. We are honoured to present this year’s Employer of the Year award to Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods,” noted Dave Shambrock, Executive Director of Manitoba Food Processors Association.


June 6th, 2013 also marks 500 days without a workplace time-loss injury for Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods. According to SAFE Manitoba, the annual provincial average for time-loss injury is 3.2 days across all industries – or 4.8 days for the manufacturing sector. “To be approaching two full years without a time-loss injury is a tremendous feat for us and showcases our commitment to making workplace safety every team member’s responsibility,” explained Fata.


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