Our Heritage

From humble beginnings

It all began with a bag of product samples in Paul Marsham’s basement. From day one, Paul’s ambition and entrepreneurial spirit were evident. He took a grassroots approach, hitting the streets to build relationships, discover new brands, and innovate an empire. 

Paul continued to lead the Marsham team with his vision and insight, innovating ahead of industry trends to help his clients’ brands succeed. He was instrumental in pioneering the development of the natural and organic industry in Canada. At Marsham, we have always been forward-thinking, first to market, and innovative in how we reach national success. 

Today, Marsham is led by a team of experts in the industry, specializing in sales management and brand acceleration nationally.

We pride ourselves in our ability to grow sales, distribution, and consumer awareness for the brands we represent in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, nationally.