Real-Time Retail Intelligence

Marsham provides you with the market intelligence tools you need to ensure that your retail grocery products are optimally listed across all retailers and channels across Canada. We provide you with regular sales reports that allow you to track the performance of your products through every step of the supply chain and the performance of our sales team. With our detailed retail grocery sales reports in an easy-to-understand format, we can readily find out which stores we are not in, and which ones we need to be.

With our retail grocery sales reports, you can track whether or not your promotions were worthwhile in the long run, and where improvements need to be made to a given listing strategy. You can easily track in which stores your products are not selling, measuring actual performance against potential performance. All of our reports are summarized and are provided for you to access at your convenience.

We Provide You With

  • Item Planogram Reports
  • Stores Not Selling Reports
  • Gap Analysis
  • Distribution and Retail Pricing Audits
  • White Space Reports
  • Sales and Distribution Reports
  • Access to all Major Canadian Retail Grocery Reporting Systems
  • EDI Compliance

Our Proprietary Reporting & Sales Management System Offers:

Distribution Analysis

  • Real Time Product Distribution Analysis
  • Details of Facings and Pricing Audits
  • Merchandising Rack Distribution and Tracking
  • Sample Order tracking
  • Direct Order Fulfillment and Reporting

Laser-Focused Tracking

  • Sales Route Mapping
  • Sales Call Scheduling
  • Track by Brand, Sku, Customer, Month Vs YAG
  • New Product Launch Tracking
  • Track Plan vs Actuals